Zimmer + Rodhe : Personal Landscapes

2, Mar 2021 | Fabrics, New Collection

Personal Landscapes

Every landscape tells a story: The vastness of the sea, the drama of the mountains, the softness of a lake landscape, the security of a valley or the density of a forest. It is not surprising that artists of all origins have always been fascinated by the experience of landscapes. In Europe, for example, landscape painting has been an independent art form since the Renaissance and in Asian cultures landscale depiction dates back to the 6th century. The concept of Land Art, which originated in the 1980s, abstracts nature by artists using elements such as stone, wood or pigments to create a subjective interpretation of nature.
This collection is the result of a search for traces of this artistic exploration of nature, whether through the sweeping view of landscape silhouettes or through a very close observation of the sensual nature of original surfaces such as earth, water, sand, stone, wood or moss.


The checks of SQUARE give the impression of woven ribbons.
The double-layered fabric is equally impressive with its clarity and
three-dimensional effect and is particularly effective in straight-line
architecture with large windows and smooth surfaces.


Like a randomly chosen section of a dense bamboo forest, a generous, organic stripe pattern with two-tone matte-gloss effects unfolds on the naturally elegant cotton background of KALEIDO.


Inspired by the art of Japanese landscape watercolours, LAKEVIEW shows an idealised lake scene with a crane, the Asian symbol for happiness and longevity, as the main motif. The floating weft threads on the front emphasise the elaborate, hand crafted production technique and really highlight the motifs. This is a textile masterpiece with impressive artistic expression.


This abstract work of art is inspired by ELDORADO, the legendary golden landscape. The beauty of the special embroidery is enriched by hand-painted brush strokes, which are applied individually with metallic pigments.


HILLSTRIPE captivates with its hand crafted character. Fine
hand-stitched tucks form vertical elevations that give the plain linen fabric a lively surface. In 14 beautiful colours, HILLSTRIPE celebrates the richness and depth of natural colour worlds.

Nil FR

Soft flowing, opaque and wide width, NIL FR is universally applicable.
In a linen look with a natural-looking vertical flamé effect. This flame-retardant plain comes in 20 soft colour shades, suitable for casual decorations in both private and exhibition spaces.


This elegant and softly falling satin is the latest development of
our successful classic SOLICE, now with a silk matte surface. Like its predecessor, SOLICE MAT RE FR is flame retardant. However, for this new quality a 52% recycled polyester yarn is used, which is obtained from used PET bottles, in order to place as little as possible a strain on our environment whilst still maintaining high functional demands.


ULTRA PLUS RE FR is the latest development of our successful classic ULTRA. This new, translucent quality bathes every room in pleasantly soft light. With a railroaded fabric height of approx. 310 cm, ULTRA PLUS is even slightly higher than its popular
predecessor ULTRA.


The rhythmic lines of this all-over design are inspired by the gentle topography of the sand dunes in the Sahara. The very short cut Scherli
fringes on the front create an attractive textile relief despite the lightness of the fabric. The manual dyeing process creates a vivid colour effect and underlines the artisan character of this natural product.


This extraordinary textile is modelled on the unmistakable relief of
birch bark and has a particularly vivid effect through the combination
of several weaving and printing techniques. Against the light, the
different transparencies create a lively play of shadows.


The plentiful texture of this casual jacquard weave is inspired by
the rough landscape of a high mountain range. The soft feel and flowing fall of the natural wool and cotton yarns are in stark contrast to this, giving KATHMANDU a soft cosiness to the room, whether as a window decoration or throw blanket.


The fine horizontal stripes of CANYON play with the variations in multi-coloured layers of rock, as we find them in the deeply cut canyons of famous mountain formations and deserts. The transparent base fabric lends lightness to the straight stripes and effortlessly lays itself into a softly flowing wave movement at the window.


Like a blurred landscape in the distance or a flickering mirage,
PANORAMA RE FR plays with a vibrating colour gradient.
Watercolour stripes form the base of the panel design and
continue towards the top. The repeat extends over the entire height of the fabric and runs endlessly widthways.


The interplay of the finely graded colour gradient in combination
with the high-low relief of the velour draws a small linear and elegant pattern onto the luxurious surface of this universally applicable upholstery fabric. INFINITY ZOOM also has all the functional properties of our successful INFINITY product family, it is very low maintenance, washable, hard-wearing and has above-average non-fade properties.


This fine bouclé weave with its subtle design is reminiscent of the sandy surfaces of Japanese Zen gardens, which are lovingly decorated with meditative line patterns using wooden rakes. PARC FR is very hard-wearing, washable and flame-retardant, making it ideal for heavily used upholstery surfaces in both private homes and public spaces.