Travel to Scandinavia with the new “Signature BOREALIS Collection” from Maison Lelièvre

22, Jan 2021 | Fabrics, New Collection, Video

The Signature BOREALIS collection is
an invitation to escape…

Inspired by the wild landscapes of Scandinavia, its designs conjure views of snow-covered forests, frozen lakes and deep, ice-locked fjords. Consisting of one tapestry, beautiful Jacquard fabrics, comfortable wool and linen loops and one one fine wool twill, this contemporary collection of enveloping, soft and refined high-end fabrics alternately features figurative motifs, geometric patterns and faux plains.
Ranging from vibrant ochres, beiges, and warmer cognac browns, to cool celadon and indigo hues, the palette of natural colours beautifully complements the six fabrics of the BOREALIS collection.

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13 rue du Mail
75002 Paris
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