The Paris Déco Off designers dream of greener pastures…

29, Apr 2021 | Accessories, Carpet, Fabrics, Furniture, Green, Paint, Wallcovering, Wallpaper

By Florence Halimi

One good thing about the Covid crisis is that it has brought our focus as humans back on our habitat, that is, on our cocoon that we wish to keep protective yet open to the great outdoors, like an eco-friendly secret garden that reinterprets nature indoors.

Furniture has taken on simple forms and natural materials like untreated wood and summer linen, and walls are covered with lush motifs and verdant tones. Because it’s high time to add a dash of green to our lives, as this colour in all its variations perfectly encapsulates our need for nature, good health, balance and growth, as well as for luck and hope.

Green comes from the marriage between yellow and blue, like a child of sun and sea, concentrating the heat of the former along with the cool of the latter to produce a persistently unique result whatever the shade, whether pine, bottle, almond, khaki, lime or celadon.

If we can’t travel or get back to our normal lives, then let’s add some freshness and a hint of chlorophyll to our interior spaces, as we dip into an infinite range of contemporary or floral fabrics, paints and wallpapers as brought to life by the designers of Paris Déco Off, who, despite everything, are staying keen and green!

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