The panoramic collection “GRAND ANGLE” by Nobilis

16, Mar 2021 | New Collection, Panoramic displays, Wallpaper


With Grand Angle, Nobilis revives one of its iconic themes with this signature collection of contemporary panoramic wallpapers. Abstract and dream-like landscapes combined with figurative motifs, large «arty» drawings and precious patines.

The House’s famous PBS wallcovering is used to create a large-scale marquetry, with 3 varieties of wood. Revisit grasscloths adorned with a classic drawings and a collage using its ‘Raku’ design wallpaper to form a Japanese moor .

With this large collection, Nobilis combines classic and contemporary designs, with audacity and refinement.


Cielo is a large abstract patina, like a meteor painted across the sky. A fine geometric frame brings materiality and a canvas spirit to this cloud of colors.


Hand painted, this mysterious night landscape dives us into the heart of a forest with a magical atmosphere. Trees, branches and bushes light up in shades of ultramarine and electric blues. Lakes and barks light up the fluorescence and give Adryades a magical aura.


With its enchanting hilly landscape, alternating hills and waterfalls, this panoramic invites us to contemplation. Available in a daytime atmosphere, where the pastel tones of dawn caress the treetops, and in a mysterious nocturnal version, Les Cascades asserts itself as a large pictorial fresco, where the imagination is invited to run free.


Nobilis re-imagines its famous PBS to create a large marquetry, made of three different types of wood. A natural color and two intense colors, duck and saffron, will elegantly dress both classic and contemporary interiors.


Ukiyo, «floating world» in Japanese, is inspired by traditional prints to evoke a mountain range, a sea of clouds or colorful waves. Printed on a background of iridescent mica, the texture imitates the crackled effect of raku, a precious Japanese ceramic with a “burnt earth” effect.


This panoramic is inspired by the famous Calder mobiles to create an atmosphere all in suspension and delicacy. Les Mobiles are available in 3 colors: a light color on a marbled background, and two intense colors, saffron and cypress.


With Oréades, Nobilis revisits its oxidized patinas and put them like a large abstract landscape, composed of strata of precious metals and shards of precious stones. Like a boiling sedimentation, this mineral moor is available in two variants, gold and silver.


Nobilis reinterprets the cabinet of curiosities: minerals, planets and fantasized objects in the shelves of the shelf of an imaginary collector. Each element is extraordinary and surprising by its material, its size and its colors.


Two cabinets are available: one on a background of earthenware tiles (Curiosités I), and the other on a background of burnt wood and brass shelves (Curiosités II).


Inspired by the drawings of Ito Jakuchu, Japanese painter of the 18th century, Nobilis stages his vision of the seabed. Like a dive into the heart of the abyss, colorful fish, dancing octopus and seashells on a woven background reminiscent of paintings on silk.


With Joséphine, Nobilis revisits a great classic design of wallpaper, offering bold and contemporary colors, printed on a Japanese straw. Colorful feathered birds rest in the shade of bamboo and a tree with flowers and exotic fruits.

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