Pierre Frey… and if your walls have no limits!

2, Mar 2021 | New Collection, Panoramic displays, Travel

“An opus where the walls have no limits and where nature is the primary inspiration.”

“With attention to detail and originality, each décor is a true work of art, daring eclecticism and the unexpected.”

“Entirely hand-made and then expertly reproduced, these panoramas are the result of the creation of the Maison Pierre Frey and the artists who concieve them.”

“The aura travels between eras, from classical to contemporary. Floral dreams, Asian landscapes, tropical jungles or French gardens meet imaginary perspectives and Roman frescos.”

“The scale becomes grandiose for two models extracted from the miniature transparencies of Carmontelle, an 18th century artist. In a new way, the walk continues in Tuscany, with a multi-connectable panoramic view: an endless décor built like a myriorama, composed of strips to assemble and customize according to your desires.”

The designs are enhanced by surprising materials such as moire, metallic linen, thread yarn and bound vinyl. A collection that will delight lovers of art and the exceptional.”

Showrooms Pierre Frey

27 rue du Mail – 75002 Paris

+33 1 44 77 35 22

1 et 2 rue Furstemberg – 75006 Paris

+33 1 46 33 73 00