Panoramic displays of magic!

16, Mar 2021 | Fabrics, Panoramic displays, Wallcovering, Wallpaper

by Florence Halimi

Previously thought of as old-fashioned, wallpaper has made a triumphant comeback in recent years, inspiring home décor creators and designers. In its wake, it brought with it the return of the panoramic format, which had been lost to us since the 80s. However, today we are lightyears away from the rather kitsch, not particularly chic styles of those bygone days.

Now, elegance, creativity, technical skill, and interplays of textures and materials are all very much present in this exercise of styles that brings joy to artists and graphic designers. They share with us their pluralistic vision, open a window unto the beyond and provide an immense range of opportunities for escape.

In this, the age of lockdown and curfew, they offer us enchanting décors that extend the dimensions of the walls to let nature, in all its variations, settle in comfortably. Sky, sea, plants in profusion, the animal kingdom and beautiful landscapes; amidst lush jungles, limitless horizons and rows of mountains… Even if we can’t get out of the house, we can open up our interior to the world in all its splendour and enjoy, in multicoloured varieties or in monochrome, a touch of panoramic magic!

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