Guell Lamadrid presents his collection “Pacifico” by Jaime Beriestain

29, May 2021 | Outdoor

Blankets from Chiloé, Araucanian sheep wool ponchos and those made of cotton from Mexico’s west coast, all of which are produced on handlooms following thousand-year-old traditions… these are just some of the elements that inspire the prestigious interior designer Jaime Beriestain when it comes to designing, together with Les Creations de la Maison, an exquisite collection of outdoor fabrics whose name honours the cultures of Neruda’s expansive, wild and blue ocean: the Pacific.

The result: an elegant and versatile collection of outdoor fabrics made up of 5 different textures: Cuzco, Arauco, Antigua, Oaxaca and Teotitlán, presented in a range featuring blue and natural tones, those smooth, neutral colours that are so characteristic of Beriestain and that also allow the fabrics to be timeless and far from the fads.