Green Green Green by James Hare

27, Apr 2021 | Green

Colour enhances our mood in the subtlest of ways and has a profound effect on our wellbeing, concentration, happiness and confidence. James Hare have introduced a NEW Colour Psychology page on their website describing just some of the major colours that are so popular in interiors.

“Green is an extremely calm, positive colour as it stimulates thoughts of balance, growth and restoration in colour psychology. This colour immediately brings nature to mind and it’s such a refreshing way to bring the outdoors in,” Saffron Hare, Creative Director.

Green is an ideal colour for walls, wood and soft furnishings. Softer greens make bedrooms calm and tranquil while brighter shades in kitchens and home offices create invigorating spaces. With such a wide shade spectrum too from emeralds and jades to forest greens, olives and the brightest, zingiest limes, green really can go anywhere.