Essential accessories!

29, Jun 2021 | Accessories, Summertime Ambiance

By Florence Halimi

It only takes a little touch of care to breathe a wonderful summery air into our homes. The delicate grace of a curtain billowing like a sail in a warm, late-afternoon breeze; of a linen throw or a cushion caressed by the rays of the setting sun; of a frieze painted in sage green, mint, ultramarine, ochre or Sienna… Bringing the French Riviera, Provence and Tuscany all at once into the living room, accessories have taken on the colours of summer, varying between light pastels and joyfully tangy tones.

They become one with their environment, extending the sweet life of the outdoors into our abodes. The Paris Déco Off designers have catered to our every summertime desire, enhancing all styles of décor with panache, through a range of essential accessories—curtains, cushions, pouffes and more—in kaleidoscopic colour palettes and patterns, from traditional designs to floral arabesques and elaborate geometric forms.