Dedar: a 100% natural collection!

12, Apr 2021 | Fabrics, Green, Linen


The traditional satin weave has been refreshed, elegant yet informal, composed of 100% linen.

The excellence of the production process goes hand in hand with the value of the long linen yarns, extremely fine, of French origin.

Blazer is piece-dyed, to guarantee a deep colour that enhances the intrinsic luminosity of linen in a range of 33 tones. Water-repellent.

Composition: 100%LI


This extra-wide, piece-dyed canvas in French and Belgian long linen fibres was woven in Italy.

Flaubert features a unique shot effect that accentuates its natural, worn look.

Soft to the touch thanks to its finishing process.

Composition: 100%LI


A pure virgin wool satin with a distinctive and seductive drape.

Buonfresco combines a slightly matt appearance with a mélange colour – fruit of fibre-dyeing – typical of wool.

Composition: 100%WV

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