Décors & Panoramiques by Arte

22, Mar 2021 | New Collection, Panoramic displays, Travel, Wallpaper

Each panoramic or decor immerses you in a fairy-tale or intriguing story. Not only the pattern appeals to the imagination, the material used is also surprising. From velvety soft silk looks and bouclé fabrics to sophisticated linen effects.

The hand-painted scenes of the “Panoramiques” are artistic gems and always consist of several panels that together form one panoramic whole. “Décors” are lavish images that make a statement on the wall. These eye-catchers are available by the linear metre, easy to use in any room.

Les mystères de Madagascar

A unique place on earth. From canyons to beautiful pearly white beaches, this mysterious island in the Indian Ocean has an endless appeal to the imagination. Different geographic and ethnic influences characterise Madagascar. This great diversity is reflected in this coarse linen effect panorama.
Les mystères de Madagascar is available in 2 colourways.

Les songes Toscans

Songes depicts a Tuscan landscape in a dreamy fantasy world. This panoramic appeals to the imagination thanks to its soft shapes. The cypresses, a typical symbol of Italian nature, provide a lifting, vertical effect.
Les songes Toscans is available in 2 colourways.

Le jardin mystique

An image of this hand-painted landscape shows a golden dawn against a misty forest backdrop. Be enchanted by this mysterious sunrise.
Le jardin mystique is available in 2 colourways.

Blooming pineapple

Tropical flowers and plants such as the South African sugar bush, leopard lily and a blooming pineapple take you on an exotic journey.
Blooming pineapple is available in 3 colourways.


Pavartina illustrates different gemstones in cross-section. The layers show a geological process of thousands of years. This unique motif is finished in an elegant satin look.
Pavartina is available in 3 colourways.


Wonderwoods shows a fairy-tale hunting scene printed on soft imitation fur. Discover dogs, deer,
cranes and enchanting trees in this playful panoramic.
Wonderwoods is available in 2 colourways.

All’ombra dei cipressi

This decor illustrates a Tuscan landscape with rounded shapes. The velvety chenille finish completes the picture.
All’ombra dei cipressi is available in 3 colourways.

Les grenouilles de Chavroches

A playful representation of a family of frogs. It takes you to a beautiful fantasy world where they alone reside. This dreamy pattern is finished in a luxurious satin look.
Les grenouilles de Chavroches is available in 3 colourways.

Bird of paradise

In bloom, the bird of paradise plant is characterised by its exuberant colours. The colours of the leaves of this South African plant, on the other hand, are deep green. The enlarged print of these handpainted leaves intrigues with its simplicity and subtle finish in fine linen effect.
Bird of paradise is available in 3 colourways.

Palafitas Amazonia

Inspired by French “toile de jouy”: romantic, floral and lovely scenes in red or blue on white backgrounds. Palafitas interprets this style of textile printing in a completely innovative way and takes you to mysterious stilt houses in the Brazilian rainforest.
Palafitas Amazonia is available in 3 colourways.

Hills of Sapa

Oriental scene in the rice fields of Sapa. This Vietnamese region is known for its thousands of rice terraces that cover the valleys. This hand-painted scene is printed on a base with a dupion silk look.
Hills of Sapa is available in 2 colourways.

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