Casamance takes us on a journey with its new 2021 collection

19, Feb 2021 | Fabrics, Linen, New Collection, Video, Wallcovering

Natural materials, plant embroideries and beautiful textural effects….

Like an impressionist blending colours to create a whole, Casamance transcribes the beauty of the world in small touches.

Spring-summer 2021 takes us along the River Congo, in the lush heart of African. Throughout this voyage, the infinitely small comes together with the infinitely large and the depths of the oceans meet the depths of the equatorial rainforest.

Casamance then allows itself to be inspired by a flax flower, by fifties’ designs and the Indian Summer, allowing itself the freedom to create collections with the quest for beauty as the common thread.

A freedom which we invite you to savour when selecting the most beautiful fabrics, papers and wallcoverings, to create a scene in your image : your interior.

Casamance Showroom

13 rue du Mail

75002 Paris